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Sourcemm (metamod)
[ ] 12.08.2009, 12:53
Metamod:Source 1.4.3, 1.6.0 Released Feb 19, 2008 13:03 
I am proud to announce that Metamod:Source versions 1.4.3 and 1.6.0 have been released. As of these versions, Metamod:Source no longer needs a "gameinfo.txt" modification. For more information on how to migrate to the new loading mechanism, see the documentation. The old method, of course, will continue to be available. 

In addition, we've also added Metamod:Source VDF Files, which let developers distribute plugins that automatically load without any extra Metamod:Source configuration. We hope that these two usability changes will improve Metamod:Source's ease of installation with end-users, and decrease the documentation and installation complexity on behalf of plugin developers. 

Metamod:Source's new loading mechanism has been tested against all major plugins. However, there are rare cases where a plugin might be incompatible. If a plugin stops working with the new loading mechanism, or you're a developer concerned about the changes, please see our Gameinfo Deprecation article. 

You can download everything on our newly redesigned site. We even added RSS feeds by popular demand: 


As if that wasn't enough, we've also rewritten almost all our documentation. The SourceHook Development and Sample Plugin have been especially improved. 

In addition, Damaged Soul has completed his time-honored tradition of making the HL2SDK work flawlessly on GCC. His changes to Valve's beta HL2SDK-OB have been totally merged in, and Metamod:Source 1.6.0 is now an official stable release. 

As you can tell, this all encompasses a massive overhaul of Metamod:Source. We hope the changes will improve its usability and professionalism. I would like to thank the usual suspects. Damaged Soul's work on the HL2SDK is an arduous and endless task which is greatly appreciated by us, and probably anyone else who likes compiling without warnings. And without PM's continued improving of SourceHook's features and stability, Metamod:Source would not exist. Lastly, Basic-Master was kind enough to write a dual-version of the installer at the last minute. 

Changelog for 1.4.3: 

- Metamod:Source can now be loaded via a .vdf instead of gameinfo.txt. 
- Added new plugin loading mechanism via .vdf files in the metamod folder. 
- Changed "meta list" output to look similar to Metamod:Source 1.6. 
- Plugins which need a VSP pointer can now receive it on late load. 
- Fixed a small memory leak when using recalls (RETURN_META_NEWPARAMS). 
- Fixed a rare memory corruption bug in the CVector class. 
Changelog for 1.4 to 1.6.0: 

- Added ability to load from a VDF file instead of gameinfo.txt. 
- Added ability to load MM:S plugins from VDF files. 
- Added new version of SourceHook with the following changes: 
- Added API for hooking functions on a virtual table to all instances. 
- SH_ADD_HOOK macros now return non-zero hook IDs. Additionally, 
the old hook adding/removing syntax is deprecated (but still supported). 
- Added SH_REMOVE_HOOK_ID to remove hooks by ID. 
- CallClasses have been deprecated. The SH_CALL macro can now take a class 
instance pointer rather than a callclass pointer. 
- Can now generate dynamic, arbitrary hooks at runtime (see hookmangen). 
- Metamod:Source has now received a large internal rewrite to improve coding 
standards and to separate internal logic from engine specifics. 
- Added mm_basedir cvar to specify Metamod's base folder. 
- Added API for getting highest supported IServerPluginCallbacks interface 
- Added API for detecting the engine version. 
- Added API for getting the VSP-simulation interface upon late loading. 
- Added OnUnlinkConCommandBase to IMetamodListner to notify when Metamod:Source 
is about to remove a concommand or convar. 
- Added the ability for Metamod:Source to load as a VSP instead of through 
- The output of the "meta list" command has been reformatted in order to allow 
more space for plugins' name, version, and author fields. 
- Sample/Stub plugins have improved building mechanism and code, and will 
compile against both MM:S 1.6 for OrangeBox and MM:S 1.4 for Episode 1. 

Установка пройдёт автоматически. 

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